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Living Wood Tasmania is dedicated to celebrating and promoting Tasmania’s beautiful endemic timbers, the craftspeople who use them and a long-standing appreciation by the greater community of their contribution to the Tasmanian story.

Many passionate and skilled people in Tasmania transform timbers such as Celery Top Pine, Myrtle, Sassafras, Blackwood and the iconic Huon Pine into long-lasting, useful and valued objects.  Objects of form, function and beauty that flow from the wood’s natural properties.  Guitars, violins, wooden boats, furniture, sculpture and art – every piece is unique; a synergy of wood, culture and skill that tells our story.

A story of living culture embodied in and expressed through Tasmania’s wonderful special timbers.

The Tasmanian Special Timbers Alliance (TSTA) has worked closely with Government to develop critical management structures which contribute to the intergenerational sustainability of the industry and the special timbers forests which they rely upon.

These plans include (click on link to review these plans):

Tasmanian Special Timbers Management Plan 2017





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Living Wood Tasmania is an initiative of the Tasmanian Special Timbers Alliance Inc. and has been supported through a grant from the Tasmanian Government.

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