myrtle Myrtle beech Lophozonia cunninghamii


Myrtle is a large, spreading evergreen tree with fans of lacy foliage, that flushes rose pink to orange-bronze in spring. A dominant species in cool temperate regions, where it reaches heights of around 40m, it is found in the north-west and west of the state, though small communities thrive on the Tasman Peninsula and South Bruny Island. 82% of total forest types containing Myrtle are in reserves. Myrtle provides a striking timber with rich red, brown, and almost orange and pink tones that is versatile in its uses. This versatility is demonstrated by its use as:

  • a solid or veneer in high quality furniture, joinery, cabinet making and feature panelling;
  • a striking finishing timber for cornices, architraves and skirting; and
  • a timber for spindle turning and bowls, particularly in its form as burls and knotty wood which add interest and texture

Due to its slow growth rate, Myrtle has a harvest rotation length of 300 years.

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