blackwoodAcacia melanoxylon

the lowland gem

Blackwood is one of the best known of Tasmania’s wattles, it has a well formed trunk below a dense crown. Around 36% of total Blackwood forest types are reserved.

Growing in a variety of conditions across Tasmania, it excels in the swamps and lowlands of the north-west where it forms dense forests. In such conditions it can reach heights of 35m, but is generally around 10–20m.

Easily worked, it is very stable and long lasting with colour ranges from a very pale honey colour through to a dark chocolate. It is valued for furniture, cabinet making, joinery and veneers.

Blackwood with intense fiddle back figure is most valued and sought for furniture and veneers.

Due to its faster growth rate, Blackwood has a harvest rotation length of 100 years.  It is the only special timber suitable for intensive management.

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